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“I create holistic financial plans to help my clients work toward their financial goals.”

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Counce Drinkard
  • Retirement Planning

    A comfortable and secure retirement is the goal of most people in their savings and investment programs. With that in mind, we believe that a successful outcome starts with the foundation of a plan. We can build custom models of your current and future investments so that we can analyze and recommend the path that may likely maximize the likelihood of success. This will create retirement security and peace of mind and allow you to live the best life possible with the money you have. Our process is particularly appealing to individuals and couples age 50+ who seek to reduce pre- and post-retirement risk.

  • Business Consulting

    Business owners and small professional practices (dentists, doctors, and lawyers) can create large tax savings while accelerating their personal retirement assets. A 401(k) is the first step in creating a retirement program for you and your employees, but the addition of a cash balance plan can enhance your personal benefits greatly while increasing employees' retirement balances. We can show you the hard-dollar benefits based on your age, income level, number of employees, and total payroll amount.

  • Managing Investment Portfolios

    We use a computer to screen reams of financial data on thousands of companies to select the stocks that go into our portfolios. Why? Because numerous studies as far back at 1954 have shown that simple actuarial models outperform humans in a variety of professions including stock selection, academic success, military training, disease diagnosis, and even drafting successful baseball players. Using computers, rather than an intuitive method, we can test combinations of factors over long periods, thus showing what to expect in the future from any given investment strategy. We also manage asset allocation portfolios using low cost ETFs for individuals preferring that method of investing.

  • Retirement Plan Services

    We share your mission to help your retirement plan participants achieve their financial life goals. We can assist 401(k)s, 403(b)s, and non-qualified deferred compensation plans and their participants in making thoughtful decisions about their investment manager selection and plan design.

  • Education

    Knowledge truly is power. I consider the teaching aspect of my job the most important – whether that’s in a private client meeting or a larger educational event. My larger events have included discussions on current market observations, investing in your values, and general wealth concepts. I’m especially passionate about educating women about money – without all the jargon so that they can focus on living Financially Fearless. See the latest initiatives here.

  • Life Insurance Consulting

    Many people are confused about how their life insurance policy works and are unsure how to find out more, knowing it can be difficult to get objective advice from agents that work on commission. Many policies have not performed as expected leaving the policy owner unsure how to get more information. We bring clients through a process that reveals how their policy works, so that they know how to best manage it going forward.

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1400 Urban Center Drive, Suite 475
Vestavia Hills AL, 35242

P: (205) 397-2474

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